Pandemic Media: Introduction     [PDF]

Laliv Melamed and Philipp Dominik Keidl


T I M E  /  T E M P O R A L I T Y

The Waiting Room: Rethinking Latency after COVID-19    [PDF]

Neta Alexander

Divided, Together, Apart: How Split Screen Became Our Everyday Reality    [PDF]

Malte Hagener

Pass This On! How to Copy the Pandemic with Alex Gerbaulet    [PDF]

Ulrike Bergermann

Opening the Vault: Streaming the Film Library in the Age of Pandemic Content    [PDF]

Jaap Verheul

Pivoting in Times of the Coronavirus    [PDF]

Felix M. Simon

“If You Say You Watch the Movie, You’re a Couple o’ Liars”: In Search of the Missing Audience at the Drive-In    [PDF]

Karin Fleck


S P A C E  /  S C A L E

Of Drones and the Environmental Crisis in the Year of 2020    [PDF]

Teresa Castro

The Fever of Images: Thermography, Sensuality and Care in Pandemic Times    [PDF]

Alice Leroy

Video Conferencing and the Uncanny Encounter with Oneself. Self-Reflexivity as Self 2.0     [PDF]

Yvonne Zimmermann

Pandemic Platforms: How Convenience Shapes the Inequality of Crisis    [PDF]

Joshua Neves and Marc Steinberg

An Animated Tale of Two Pandemics     [PDF]

Juan Llamas-Rodriguez

Vulnerabilities and Resiliency in the Festival Ecosystem: Notes on Approaching Film Festivals in Pandemic Times     [PDF]

Marijke de Valck

Theme Parks in the Time of the COVID-19 Pandemic     [PDF]

Rebecca Willliams


T E C H N O L O G I E S  /  M A T E R I A L I T I E S

Machine Vision in Pandemic Times     [PDF]

Antonio Somaini

The Car as Pandemic Media Space     [PDF]

Alexandra Schneider

“Covid-dronism”: Pandemic Visions from Above     [PDF]

Ada Ackerman

Of Liquid Images and Vital Flux     [PDF]

Bishnupriya Ghosh

Pandemic Media: On the Governmediality of Corona Apps     [PDF]

Christoph Engemann

Zoom in on the Face: The Close-Up at Work     [PDF]

Guilherme da Silva Machado

Sex with the Signifier     [PDF]

Diego Semerene

Textile-Objects and Alterity: Notes on the Pandemic Mask     [PDF]

Marie-Aude Baronian

Glass, Adhesive Tape, Boom Mic: A City in Crisis in Three Acts     [PDF]

Marek Jancovic


E D U C A T I O N  /  I N S T R U C T I O N

Media of Trust: Visualizing the Pandemic     [PDF]

Florian Hoof

Mediating Disease: Scientific Transcriptions of COVID-19 into Animal Models     [PDF]

Benjamín Schultz-Figueroa and Sophia Gräfe

Pandemic Porn: Understanding Pornography as a Thick Concept     [PDF]

Leonie Zilch

The Time Stretched Before Us: Rethinking Young Children’s “Screen Time”     [PDF]

Meredith A. Bak

Mute Sound     [PDF]

John Mowitt

Face Off     [PDF]

Kerim Dogruel

Let’s Go to Oberhausen! Some Notes on an Online Film Festival Experience     [PDF]

Wanda Strauven


A C T I V I S M  /  S O C I A B I L I T Y

This Is Our Night: Eurovision Again and Liveness through Archives     [PDF]

Abby S. Waysdorf

More than you bargained for: Care, community, and sexual expression through queer women’s dating apps during the COVID-19 pandemic     [PDF]

Stefanie Duguay

“Thus isolation is a project.” Notes toward a Phenomenology of Screen-Mediated Life     [PDF]

Shane Denson

Mapping Mutations: Tracing the Travel of a Viral Image     [PDF]

Amrita Biswas

Pandemic Media: Protest Repertoires and K-pop’s Double Visions     [PDF]

Michelle Cho

How to Fight a Pandemic with Status Elevation: The Home Shopping Governance of Donald J. Trump     [PDF]

Vinzenz Hediger

A New Period In History: Decolonizing Film Archives in a Time of Pandemic Capitalism     [PDF]

Didi Cheeka

Anticipating the Colonial Apocalypse: Jeff Barnaby’s Blood Quantum     [PDF]

Kester Dyer