Pandemic Media: Introduction

Philipp Dominik Keidl and Laliv Melamed


The Waiting Room: Rethinking Latency after COVID-19

Neta Alexander

Divided, Together, Apart: How Split Screen Became Our Everyday Reality

Malte Hagener

Pass This On! How to Copy the Pandemic with Alex Gerbaulet

Ulrike Bergermann

Opening the Vault: Streaming the Film Library in the Age of Pandemic Content

Jaap Verheul

Pivoting in Times of the Coronavirus

Felix M. Simon

“If You Say You Watch the Movie, You’re a Couple o’ Liars”: In Search of the Missing Audience at the Drive-In

Karin Fleck


Of Drones and the Environmental Crisis in the Year of 2020

Teresa Castro

The Fever of Images: Thermography, Sensuality and Care in Pandemic Times

Alice Leroy

Video Conferencing and the Uncanny Encounter with Oneself. Self-Reflexivity as Self 2.0

Yvonne Zimmermann

Pandemic Platforms: How Convenience Shapes the Inequality of Crisis

Joshua Neves and Marc Steinberg

An Animated Tale of Two Pandemics

Juan Llamas-Rodriguez

Vulnerabilities and Resiliency in the Festival Ecosystem: Notes on Approaching Film Festivals in Pandemic Times

Marijcke de Valck

Theme Parks in the Time of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Rebecca Willliams


Machine Vision in Pandemic Times

Antonio Somaini

The Car as Pandemic Media Space

Alexandra Schneider

“Covid-dronism”: Pandemic Visions from Above

Ada Ackerman

Of Liquid Images and Vital Flux

Bishnupriya Ghosh

Pandemic Media: On the Governmediality of CoronaApps

Christoph Engemann

Zoom in on the Face: The Close-Up at Work

Guilherme da Silva Machado

Sex with the Signifier

Diego Semerene

Textile-Objects and Alterity: Notes on the Pandemic Mask

Marie-Aude Baronian

Glass, Adhesive Tape, Boom Mic: A City in Crisis in Three Acts

Marek Jancovic


Media of Trust: Visualizing the Pandemic

Florian Hoof

Mediating Disease: Scientific Transcriptions of COVID-19 into Animal Models

Benjamín Schultz-Figueroa and Sophia Gräfe

Pandemic Porn: Understanding Pornography as a Thick Concept

Leonie Zilch

The Time Stretched Before Us: Rethinking Young Children’s “Screen Time”

Meredith A. Bak

Mute Sound

John Mowitt

Face Off

Kerim Dogruel

Let’s Go to Oberhausen! Some Notes on an Online Film Festival Experience

Wanda Strauven


This Is Our Night: Eurovision Again and Liveness through Archives

Abby S. Waysdorf

More than you bargained for: Care, community, and sexual expression through queer women’s dating apps during the COVID-19 pandemic

Stefanie Duguay

“Thus isolation is a project.” Notes toward a Phenomenology of Screen-Mediated Life

Shane Denson

Mapping Mutations: Tracing the Travel of a Viral Image

Amrita Biswas

Pandemic Media: Protest Repertoires and K-pop’s Double Visions

Michelle Cho

How to Fight a Pandemic with Status Elevation: The Home Shopping Governance of Donald J. Trump

Vinzenz Hediger

A New Period In History: Decolonizing Film Archives in a Time of Pandemic Capitalism

Didi Cheeka

Anticipating the Colonial Apocalypse: Jeff Barnaby’s Blood Quantum

Kester Dyer